Fight Crime in Toronto: You are not a Gangster! You are Pathetic - Put your Weapon Away


You are not a Gangster! You are Pathetic - Put your Weapon Away

Dear Toronto,

I write to you as a concerned citizen.  I wonder how it is that we have gotten to this point, where guns and knives are rampant, everyday parts to our city.

Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario - The scene of a retaliatory gun battle, where a man lost his life.  He was not an innocent man.  Chrisopher Husbands, who should have already been in jail, was a sick individual who was allowed to commit this act.  It was too late!  He was found with a gun in Hamilton, yet the charges were dropped.  Hello!  He had a gun in his possession...what do you think he was going to do with it?  He should have been thrown in jail.  Nonetheless, he was able to retaliate for a gang issue that he was involved with earlier...guess what?  If there was no need for the gang, there would have been no need for him to kill someone.

Messed up city we live in when death by means other than natural occur.  Here we are claiming that we are civilized people.  I don't care who you are, we are all brothers and sisters in this together.  There needs to be a change.  Why do people commit crimes?  I do not believe it is because they want to be tough.  Toughness is a need among the ailments, not the cause of the ailments.  Fear is what brings a need for toughness.  If we can all share the wealth of the world, we will all enjoy the days within this world.  There are too many random moments causing grief.

I truly think it is up to the individual to make it in this world.  No hands-outs?  Ok, guess what? Many successful people never had a handout.  You are broke?  Ok, you can still use your character to start somewhere and build.  I know my employer would be willing to hear you out and offer you a potential job.
Face it, it is pathetic to walk around with a gun, or a knife.  It is mind blowing that people would do that in order to have a rank, and look tough.  Fool! You are only going to get yourself killed or end up in jail.

Put it down boy.  Be a real man.  Go get a job, smile, and be thankful you are here, since there is so much for you to do in so little time.

Being the bigger man is fighting through the crap, and becoming something to somebody.

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