Fight Crime in Toronto: Nicola (Nick) Nero - Was it Worth it?


Nicola (Nick) Nero - Was it Worth it?

It boggles my mind that people are willing to risk everything they have (freedom) in order to live a lavish lifestyle.  Have we polluted the minds of the masses so much, that we think it is justified to murder, steal, deal drugs, and run organized crime outfits?

People like Nicola Nero may not have committed such heinous acts if they were brought up in a different setting.  I truly believe that we are born into situations, but it is the longevity of a bad situation that engraves the ability to kill someone.  What is the story of this man?  How could he lead to such a troubled existence?

"Love was all around me".  Thankfully I had the feeling instilled in me, and I feel that every citizen in this world is an extension of me, and I feel a love for everyone.  That came from a mother who ensured that I showed respect and to treat people with kindness.  I remember many stories she told me of how she showed the love to other people.  Especially when she speaks of including people that cliques would perhaps not normally include.  It is a reality, groups form and some of the shun other people.  I am thankful that the need for inclusion was enforced in me at an early age.

These life lessons are extremely important for all of us.  I am willing to bet the house on the fact that Nicola Nero never was given that chance.  You can sense his obsessions with exterior beauty, which means he most likely came from nothing.  I sense that he got a glimpse of success with his youth, and that motivated his to become a massive body builder that had a new control in his life.  If prediction was the wreak havoc in this Crime in Toronto blog post, it would be that he had an abusive father, or at least lacked any care from him.  Combine that with the constant fear of being broke, and you have a recipe for destruction.

The world rotates for profit in too many ways.  That profit has bleeding tendencies as some do not have the mental fortitude to create wealth with effort.  Instead they choose to create by simple, physical means.  Lives are ruined by every single activity that Nero took part in.

There are too many connections that this thug was a part of, which means someone will most likely pay the price for that has transpired throughout his arrest.  Thankfully these criminals have been swept off the streets. There may be time left for Nero to learn the decency in life.  Although he may not have been given much of a chance in his youth, perhaps he can extend himself in prison to be a better person, helping people to not be the person that he is now.

The justice system is also to blame!  He was charged for an armoured car heist that happened in 2003, convicted, and sentenced to 9 years in prison.  What was he doing on the streets 2012?  He was convicted of dealing cocaine in early 2000's, then while on bail herobbed the armoured truck and was caught.  His sentence was 9 years.  If he was on bail for the drug dealing, and then committed the robbery and got 9 years, he should have been in jail still.  

Be thankful if you have a wonderful family that treats you right.  It is impossible to appreciate what you don't have, but you can envy what you see in others.  Find your mentor, be nice, and strive for change everyday.

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