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ProPark - Professional Parking Management - Toronto

Welcome to my personal experience with this parking company that is located here:


1 Scott St, P1 Parking Office
Toronto, ON M5A 1E1


I used their machine which stated that I was ok until 6AM to park at 7PM, as long as I paid $6.00.

I felt like writing them a letter and also posting this on my blog so that we can get the word out on Professional Parking Management, which can be found here: ProPark


I am emailing to let you know that your parking services are a fraud.  I received a ticket tonight, although I paid the correct amount that was mentioned on the sign as we entered.

It clearly stated 6PM - 6AM = $6.00

We paid that amount.  Then, I noticed on the machine, that someone wrote that there was a minimum of $10.00 to pay, but there was no time schedule as to when we should pay that $10.00.  Not only that, but it was written on a piece of computer paper, tied to the machine with scotch tape.

I wanted to let you know that I will never pay your ticket because you have no authority to charge me such.  Not only that, but your use of the english language is offensively wrong.

For the future, you should hire someone that has a higher than grade 3 education as well.  You should not say "Do not paid as posted" when writing your so called "Infraction Notice".  You should write something more like; "Did not pay as posted". It would help you get closer to the queen's language.  We would also think more of your fraud in the future.  Your fraud would at least sound more coherent.  

It is illegal to post 2 different payment amounts.  We, as rule abiding citizens used the payment amount that was associated to a posted time.

Also, so that you can try and make your mickey mouse fraud operation sound more legit, you should try spelling "Offense" as it truly was meant to be in this case; "Offence".  You see, when a citizen breaches the law, he or she has committed a crime, this is called an offence.  In this case though, you are merely stating that someone has become upset, which could be coined in the term, "offensive", with an "S"!!!  If you wish, I can hire someone to help you market your company better in the future.  We will first start with Hooked On Phonics which is a great english tutorial so that you can better represent yourself when trying to commit fraud.

All the best to you and your disgusting little lots.  I will never park under your roof again.  I will also be posting this on my blog, which you can find here:

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Yours Truly,

A citizen that believes in honour.

Jeffrey Boucher - Missing man in Whitby -

A Missing Whitby Man - Jeffrey Boucher - Where are you?

Jeffrey Boucher, 52, from Whitby Ontario has been missing since January 13th, 2014.  His wife, Kirstin Boucher has involved herself with the search, both on the pavement and online. Some say that she may be handling the situation with a lack of emotion.  I feel Kirstin Boucher is still going through shock, and proves her love for Jeffrey with the effort she is putting forward to find him.

If only Jeffrey had a cell phone with him.  This could have unlocked his location, or allowed him to call in distress.

One of the ways Kirstin is involved, she has joined the online conversation which you can see here:

Jeffrey Boucher info @ Websleuths.  On this site, members are trying to piece the timeline together, while also asking Kirstin questions.  She is very responsive, but there seems to be a limit to finding a conclusion, as we are dealing with too much "piecing the puzzle together".  Some of which, may actually lead somewhere, but with so many responses, it is hard to track the meaningful information from the useless posts.  The issue is we have to sift through the misleading theories, where many members of the community are making judgements and using light reasoning to promote it.  An example comes from a post where they claim that the night before Jeffrey likely saw a crime being committed and then was killed the next morning to silence him.  This is impossible…every time I have ever seen something that involves the cops I first tell my family.  I would want them to know immediately.  It is this sort of loose "piecing together" that inhibits us from having a consolidated page that details the good portions of the Websleuth Message Board.

Putting Jeffrey Boucher's Life and Recent Events Together:

Jeffrey was an avid runner.  He was very regimented, and never went off course in his planning.  Over 25 years he only missed one day of work!  He enjoyed the outdoors so much, that he would go to Collingwood every weekend to instruct skiing courses.  It is said that he would go without his family at first, but his daughter eventually got a job there and joined him on a weekly basis.

He loved Collingwood so much, that he and Kirstin were willing to move there.  In fact, they were looking at homes in Collingwood the night before he disappeared.

There are some anomalies in this case.  Why would a man that is so regimented in his ways do the following:

Why did Jeffrey go running the night before he disappeared and stay out way past his usual running time.  In 2005 he ran 10K in 45 minutes.  The night before he was gone for over 2 hours, which is the timing of a full marathon for this avid runner.  It was so odd for him to be gone this long, his family became worried and went looking for him.  They saw him running on the street and everything was ok.  He usually ran for 1 hour max, and in the morning.

Why would he have $3500 in cash stashed in his filing cabinet at work?  The police say it means nothing, but for someone to have the money there, unsecured, that is odd.  Especially since Kirstin was never made aware of the problem after the cops discovered that there was $3500 in there.  The Whitby Police say it is of no mind, but the act that Jeffrey did not say anything about it to his wife, shows there is a disconnection regarding the money that Jeffrey Boucher wanted to maintain.

Why did Jeffrey's boss send him an email on Sunday telling him she would like to see him Monday in the morning?  With the principal and the police involved in the $3500 in cash found, was Jeffrey going to be rep remanded Monday, the day he disappeared, and was he fearful of that?

If he went for a run, why did he not wear his Nike chip, or running watch?  A man of routine would always wear this to help him determine distance, calories, etc…oddly enough the running watch was found in his work shoes.

Theories About Jeffrey Boucher's Disappearance:

Attacked by a bear or coyotes in Heber Downs Conservation Area:
A big possibility.  Jeffrey would possibly venture off the path while jogging.
Here is a link to the trails:
Heber Downs Conservation Area

Coyotes have been seen at Heber Downs Conservation Area:
Warning of Coyotes at Heber Downs Conservation Area

Coyotes have killed humans before.  When they operate in packs, it is possible.  There is a story:

Coyotes have been known to chase joggers.  Also, there have been many dogs killed in Jeffrey Boucher's household vicinity over the past 3 years.  Not only that, but Coyotes are most active before dawn, right at the time Jeffrey Boucher disappeared.  

We also have a chance that a bear was in the Conservation Area.  Here is a ling that discusses unconfirmed sightings and tracks that have been found at Heber Downs:

Jeffrey Boucher committed suicide:
He has two kids, a wife, and loved the outdoors.  Kirstin also states he could have anything he wants financially as well.  This year they had also planned a trip to Slovenia which Jeffrey Boucher seemed excited for.  He had his retirement to look forward to.  His wife gave him the freedom to travel alone, and he was nearing a 2 year vacation plan, which would be leading into that retirement.  Was he upset over something that happened the week before?  On Jan 10th the money found in his filing cabinet was told to Kirstin.  He did not prep for classes after that, which he usually does in regimented form.  Is this because he could not believe what had happened?  Was he deep emotional peril from something that happened on Jan 9th/10th, and did he ultimately kill himself before everything came to light?

Jeffrey had an accident while running/hiking through Heber Downs:
As a Hogtown Hash House Harriers (A hiking/running group) he was always seeking adventure.  The Boucher's hosted the group to their home in the fall, and there were pictures posted online, which shows them taking harsh trails that went through waterways, and through off-path adventures.  It is possible that he felt safe running through certain areas but then slipped and hit his head, or drowned as he feel through the ice.  Every unlikely trail needs to be searched in the Conservation Area, as there is a strong case for him being there.

Jeffrey Boucher was hit by a car, and then removed from the sight of passerby's:
Would someone actually go through the effort of removing someone they hit?  Perhaps they would just keep driving?  To put someone in a trunk, it takes a specific person to do that.  I do not think the common person that was driving to work could do something like that.  If this did happen, I feel they would leave him where he was and perhaps take off in a panic.

Jeffrey ran away with someone to never be found again:
Did he meet someone as a ski instructor?  Did he disappear for over 2 hours the night before because he was with this person plotting their plan to run away.  He could easily use "running" as a ploy to go meet someone.  But, if he was to do this in the neighbourhood, surely someone would have seen him doing so.  For this, we would need to find deception on behalf of Jeffrey Boucher.  The night before he was missing for 2 hours.  He said he went to the Heber Downs Conservation Area.  Using his posted running times, he could get there and back in 1 hour, as it is 6.5 km's to reach the Area.  The main trail is 2.5 Km's.  That would be a total of 15.5 Km's.  Since 10 Km's took him roughly 45 minutes to run, that is approximately 70 minutes for him to get there are back.  What else was he doing for the remaining 50 minutes?  Even if he ran the main trail twice, that would only add approximately 11 minutes to his total time.  Here is the trail map for you to see.  THE FACT THAT THE FAMILY WAS WORRIED, AND THE FACT THE TIMES DO NOT ADD UP, MEANS THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG.  Was he possibly at  a pay phone?  Did he meet with someone?  This is a high traffic area, with many restaurants and stores in the area.  He could have been in many places the night before he disappeared.  I doubt he was running the whole time.
It is odd that he left his running watch, and Nike chip at home.  Did he do this because he knew he was not returning?

Jeffrey was involved in a foul play incident, which ended in his death:
Did he see a crime?  Did he run to someone's aid who was being victimized by a crime?  There would have to be two people dead in this scenario, as the other victim would most likely come forward if they were still alive.
Outlandishly thinking; it is possible that a house along his jogging route is where he was killed.  Is there a chance that he was having an affair with someone along the way, and when he went there that morning, he was killed?  This is a ridiculous scenario, but something that happened nonetheless
It is possible that the money issue has a large part in all of this.  The fact that the Principal said she wanted to see him before lunch on Monday may have been important.  She also took the step in her email to him to say not to worry about their meeting.  Perhaps Jeffrey is now dead because someone associated to the money was very upset about what came to light from the incident.  I think it is odd that the police were involved in the money incident from the start.  It tells me that there is something we are not being told about the issue.

I feel that with the above possibilities the emphasis must be put on an animal attack while jogging in the Conservation Area (assuming this is where he went), or there was an accident while he was in the Conservation Area and he fell.

Gaethan Kitadi, 20 - Murdered in Toronto - During his Birthday Party!

The connection to social media could solve the case of Gaethan Kitadi.  It is obvious that two of the "person's of interest photos" reveal someone that is known.  Take a look for yourself.  This person is obvious to someone and will be found.

I was watching Nancy Grace this week and she was covering the story of "Little Maddi", also known as Madeline Mccain, who has been missing since 2007, after a trip to Portugal.  It turns out, they have traced suspects using cell phone techniques.  It is an arduous task, but we can actually determine who was in the area based on text messages or calls being made.

This will uncover the person in this photo, and it will only be a matter of time until they are caught.  Not to say they killed Gaethan Kitadi, but they can uncover who did.  In fact, he could be speaking to the killer in the photo above.

The senseless violence that plagues this city will be reduced through your commitment to helping to rid the streets of the people that commit the crimes.

Do you know this individual?

There is zero chance that nobody knows this man.  Why?

He is using a social phone and probably has Twitter.
He is very unique in appearance - thick rimmed glasses, vibrant Maple Leafs sweater
Calls will be traced to this phone based on usage
Too many people were there that night

Ralph Iacono - The Financial Creep - Toronto Mortgage Scheme

Ralph Iacono SHOULD NOT live in a capitalist society.  To me, capitalism seeks profit in the name of the rules.  No matter how great the profit may be from bending the rules, there is a responsibility to play within the rules that exist.  Ralph Iacono has done the exact opposite.

This man should be thrown in jail, and ordered to pay back the families he hurt.  If he could only see what has happened to some of the families he has hurt.  Ralph Iacono has made one family lose everything because  of his schemes.

His dealings are based in Toronto and surrounding areas.  He operates under a mortgage scheme, and lending scheme, where he has hurt the elderly, and those whom want to get to the next level with a loan.  I know for a fact that he has actually screwed over elderly lenders who trusted him.

He delays everything he can regarding the loan you are suppose to receive.  You want to trust people in his position,so you do.  Next thing you know your monthly payments that you are trying to balance while also trying to build a business with the loan from him, become too much.  You lose everything! Meanwhile, this scumbag moves on to the next victim, where he takes them for a long journey, ripe with large fees.

Ralph boy...mark my words, you will be judged by the viewers of this article whom are familiar with your crimes.  You were charged with crimes for a reason.  The reality is though, you will most likely get away with your crimes with a light slap on the wrist.

I hope we get some responses to this article so people can see just how much of a piece of shit you are to this earth.  Time and time again we hear about pyramid schemes, mortgage schemes with high return promises, and innocent people getting lured by the crooked.  Hopefully one day we will prevail as innocence, instead of having a mixed society that has the lawful, the enforcers of the law, and those whom they punish.

We will haunt your mind for the rest of your days Ralph Iacono.  Good Luck!!!

Rameez Khalid - Toronto Stabbing Victim - Nuit Blanche

A little bit of alcohol, some male bravado, and a complete lack of respect surely makes for a poisonous occasion.  It is hard to believe that we sit at 48 homicides in Toronto this year.  1 is too many.  I feel sadness if these boys that killed Rameez Khalid would be able to get away with this.  Not only is it sadness for the lack of justice, but the sadness that prevails for the killers as well.  The relationships they have throughout the rest of their life will have a tint of this crime shaded within them.  Unknowingly of course, but everything these killers do for the rest of their lives will be impacted by this crime.
They will wake up and hope it to be a new day, where guilt does not prevail; sorry, but it will.  Your mind will always reflect back to this moment, and you will never be able to clear yourself from it.  Well, there is one way; telling someone what you know.  Were you one of the boys there, but did not stab Rameez?  If so, you have a chance to save yourself, right now.

If you let the days past, you will only hurt your chances of complete freedom from guilt.  Do not listen to what the killer is saying.  The time has come for you to put your foot down for respect, opening the door to a new path, which does not limit your capacity to experience happiness for the rest of your life.

We all know that a true "tough guy" has no need for a knife or a gun.  Just too bad someone has to seek the demise of someone because they cannot stand up for themselves.  If another person has no weapon, what would the need be in bringing out a knife?  Why would anyone in a larger group need to pull a knife out?


Is dispatch for all of the cab companies requesting help with determining who picked up these guys?
What is the friend of Rameez Khalid saying about the suspects?
What was the argument about?
If there are any photos, from anyone there that night, they should submit them to police

Anthony Koko Chang - Auto Insurance Claim Murder

Our system is very rewarding to hard work.  It is extremely forgiving to those that do not make mistakes.  But, it is also very strict on many punishments, especially when the profit of insurance companies is at stake.
If you get into an accident, you will certainly be paying back the insurance company over time.  They raise your rates for a speeding ticket!! For 3 years, if they can.  

Is the system flawed when someone dies over the threat of filing an insurance claim?  Is the individual insane because they become violent over the fear of economic sanctions placed on them by their insurance provider?

Both can be viewed as a piece to the issue.  Here, the structure of a man's life led to the fatality that awaited Anthony Koko Chang.  The killer, Kinnarine Keshan Maharaj, had probably messed up many times in his life.  His youth brought mistakes on the regular, and the pressure from his family was probably immense.  Where else could he get the motivations to murder someone over a traffic violation?  Kinnarine probably backed out of his original deal with Mr. Chang, where he was going to give him $1000 to not have a claim filed.

All he had to do was pay the money.  Mr. Chang was willing to help him!! Instead he took a knife to Mr. Chang's house and killed him.  

How blind can one be?  Did he think he would get away with this?  It makes no sense.  There must be a history of mental illness with this man. 

Here are some links to the story:

Kinnarine Keshan Maharaj has a lot of explaining to do, and he will be answering his own questions for the rest of his life, without being able to retract his actions.  If you were seeking to be a part of this society, as a new member of our nation, you went about in the wrong way.  Your desire to cause pain so you could try to selfishly evade your error will be paid for by you, and only you.  It makes me sick to know that you had only lived here for 6 years, and you have caused grief for a family by murdering Mr. Anthony Change.  Not only that, but we have to pay the thousands of dollars to detain you every month while you are in custody.  

This is the type of human that should be banished to an island where he can fend for himself, instead of our tax dollars getting him by.  

Rest in Peace Mr. Chang.  

Violent Crime Rests Within Petty Crimes

If NEw York can drastically reduce violent crimes, then so to can Toronto.  Comparing the two cities, yes New York has more crime, but statistically, the rates have dropped 10 fold since Rudy Guiliani was the Mayor.

His approach was to tackle the petty crime, since the person who robbed somebody could easily be the same criminal that murders someone.  With stiffer sentences, and and more money put toward petty crime investigations, New York got their wish.

There are too many times where we do not catch the small crime culprits.  If we created the petty crime newspaper and a portion was related to broadcasting the crime, with the other aspect devoted to the capturing of the criminals; the pages of the act occurring would always outweigh the apprehensions.

Is it fair to say that the person who steels a bike when they are 14, that they could blossom into a thriving drug dealer?  Would it be justified to then say that he drug dealer could then look to more profit by selling hardcore drugs like cocaine?  Once in that world, there is no telling what they could do.  They are then feeding, and being associated directly to intense criminal activity, where people are murdered everyday within it.

These criminals do it because it is easy.  They do not want to go through the maze of achieving through hard work.  Buy drugs, sell drugs.  Buy guns, sell guns.  It is much easier then going through school, then proving your worth over years of dedicated work in the office place.

Solution could be offering easy access.  Do these criminals ever have a chance of going to Yale?  No.  Many criminals do not even foresee the chance to go to York University.  We should allow easier access to education, and at a cheaper rate.  They select to deal drugs because there is nothing else out there that is as profitable and as easy.  Perhaps if we gave them a diploma, and a career, they would thrive within a new workplace.

Once we open the doors to education, and jobs, we will then see a decrease in petty crimes, which will directly result in long term reductions in violent crime as there would be no progression for individuals to higher risk activity.  More people would be a member of society.  

Antiq Hennis Murder - 1 Year Old Killed!

How is it that someone can actually shoot a 1 year by accident, when it is to be gang related hit on the father who was strolling the carriage.

I can understand someone missing and shooting the father in the leg or maybe his shoulder.  But, to hit the baby in the head and then not shoot anymore to ensure the target is dead, that makes no sense.

This is a very weird circumstance, and I think someone needs to look a bit deeper into the fathers past and present.  This sick SOB lives a life of danger, and to be walking around with a baby while you are caught up in it is just wrong.

This is a prime example of evil.  The coward who did this will die everyday for the rest of his life.  The shame is that what is done is done, and nothing can be done to change it.  Antiq Hennis was not deserving of this.  Nobody is, but the reality is that if you get caught up in it, there is no way to stop random violence from happening.

Toronto Dooring Incidents

In a city that seems to track everything, it is a wonder that we do not track dooring incidents.  I currently have a friend who is being sued for dooring a female cyclist in Toronto.  She broke her Pelvis and is clearly the type to try for anything she can get.  I do not necessarily blame her, but is it fair to say that she too needs to be more vigilant?  Was she wearing the right reflective gear?  After all, it was night time.  Did she only have a reflecting light on her rear?  I know my friends truck is massive, so the large swinging door may break something, but I also know that he would look first, as he claims to have done.

We always have to be conscious of the biker.  But, is the biker reckless to us?  I believe there are many cases where they could have done more to protect themselves.  How about the guy who had a squirrel latch onto his front tire, only to have the squirrel lodge itself in his forks, sending him head over handlebars, with no helmet!!  Yes, this happened.  Perhaps a helmet...

The Toronto Police Service wants to start tracking these incidents if it is absolutely necessary.  I believe tracking them is a good thing, but until that moment, I do not think you can sue someone for it.  I do not speak for this woman, but I can say that if she had been a bit more vigilant, she could have noticed the chance that the door was going to open.  It was also a downhill ride for her, and it was raining.  This makes it even harder for the driver to notice someone speeding down the hill. 

I do not believe that he should be held responsible for this case, since it is not a law, there was reduced vision, and the cyclist needed to be more aware in order to help her case.

Here is a new site that is dedicated to tracking dooring incidents in Toronto:

Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis Murder

Here we are, 5 years later and still, no answers in the death of Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis.

How is it that we can go this long?
Why is there nobody that can piece together the clues?
It is clear to me that this crime has serious randomness, which is making it impossible to solve.

The boys were on there way home, and had left the house they were watching the basketball game in.  They only returned because they had to give the keys back to the owner.  Odd.....How is it that the killer was targeting them if he did not try to shoot them when they first left?

The interaction with the killer was very brief, and did not warrant a fight or death.  He literally walked up to the car and started shooting.  I feel strongly that booze was involved, and that the killer felt slighted by them for some wrong reason, and then took his anger out on the two boys.

If the killer is out there and able to look back at his past, I hope he sees the need for him to say something.  Even if he is not going to be charged, he could at least communicate with the families to tell them why it happened.  It has been so long, and the families feel sick ever since it happened.

Please, if you know of anything that has happened in these cases, you must come forward.

You must say something now....